Look Who's Talking

Read what active adults are saying about Curtis Adams and Vitality:

"Great variety of exercise- hits all parts of the body. I have much more energy going to this class."- Marian Castaghan

"What a great instructor. I got individual help in balance and stamina training."- Betty Marlow

"This is the best program I ever experienced. Love it!"- Eleanor Richardson

"People come from other areas to take this class."- Carolyn Rist

"Curtis is the best I'd follow him anywhere."- Barbara Haley

"I have been taking this class for 3 years. I have found these exercises help a great deal with my arthritis."- Carolyn J. Schmidt

"Taking this class has improved my quality of life. The improvements were balance and coordination."- Marge Keay

"I really enjoy this class. It has really improved my strength and stamina."- Marge Jett

"Having been sedentary most of my life, I began taking your exercise class several years ago. Since that time, I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall strength, stamina, and flexibility."- Virginia Worka

"Curtis helped me with my balance after my knee replacement." - Carol Helinski

"I have attended many exercise classes at different places and while they were good, this class is the most effective. He always makes me move and it is interesting."- Cristol Wagner

"Feel great after these exercise classes."- Carolyn Burca

"I look forward to exercise class." - Dottie Paul

"You are the greatest instructor."- Maggie

"Enjoy the class immensely and it has helped my mobility."- Jane Bowers

"Curtis is great. He has a way of making you like exercise."- Lorena McQuaid

"Two weeks ago, my doctor asked me what I had been doing different. My blood work has improved. My only change was Curtis's class."- Judy Macintyre

"Thanks for bringing my energy back." - Ginny Ortel