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3 Balance Exercises For Seniors

3 Balance Exercises For Seniors

To begin, hold onto a table, chair, or doorway to help you. As you advance, grasp with only one hand, then with a finger, then hands-free.Only do what you’re comfortable doing – there’s no sense in falling in your efforts to prevent a fall, after all.

  1. Senior Balance Exercise: Single Leg Stand

Stand on one foot. Alternate on which leg you stand. Try doing this on different surfaces and at different times of the day. This exercise will help you build your balance, and it will help you identify balance deficits.

  1. Senior Balance Exercise: Walk Heel-to-Toe

You might recall this movement from balance beam work in grade school, or just as a childish pastime in which you tried to walk along a crack in the sidewalk. Just position the heel of one foot directly in front of the toes of your opposite foot. Alternate each time you take a step. You may need or want to use your arms to help balance you.

  1. Senior Balance Exercise: Chair Work

Getting into and out of the seated position can be a challenge for seniors. The movement requires balance and core strength, so that – even if it’s hard for you – it is a good thing to practice standing up and sitting down without using your hands.


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