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Core Exercises For Seniors

Core Exercises For Seniors

Functional core training is something that most people neglect. Even younger people who exercise regularly, often tend to neglect working their core. The core is not like your biceps or legs where there’s a visible difference.

Since so many people are focused on the aesthetics and how impressive their muscles look, they only work the ‘showy’ muscles and the core is forgotten.

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So, what are your core muscles and why are they so important?

The Importance OfCore Exercises For Seniors

Your core is responsible for your posture, balance, stability and overall body strength. Any level of fitness can be improved by strengthening one’s core. It’s common to see seniors hunching over as they age.

One reason for this is that their core muscles are weak. They’re unable to stand upright because the body just doesn’t have the strength. This is an unfortunate situation and is best prevented early on. However, the situation can still be improved by training and working your core.


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