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Exercise For Seniors Can Benefit Individuals With Osteoporosis

Exercise For Seniors Can Benefit Individuals With Osteoporosis

The great news is that more recent research suggests that individuals with existing osteoporosis can benefit from exercise because exercising regularly not only cuts down the rate of bone loss, it also conserves remaining bone tissue, reducing the risk of fractures.

Exercise for seniors can also help build the muscles surrounding your bones, increase flexibility in the joints, and generally enhance the ability of your muscles, tendons and joints to support and protect the bones.

To further reduce the risk of falls besides exercise, make your living areas safer. A lot of seniors spend a good deal of their time at home, and half to two-thirds of all falls occur in or around the home.

Most fall injuries are caused by falls on the same level, instead of falls down the stairs. To make living areas safer, seniors should remove trippinghazards, such as throw rugs and clutter in walkways and install non-slip mats in the bathtub and on shower floors.

Installing grab bars next to the toilet and in the tub or shower and having handrails put in on both sides of stairways will also give seniors a way to break their fall should they trip or slip. Finally, improving improve lighting throughout the home can also help.


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