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:20 Refuel- 5 DVDs +3 Resistance Bands+ Fitness Band Poster

:20 Refuel- 5 DVDs, 3 fitness bands + resistance band poster + balance exercise manual. Just 20 minutes, 3 times per week, you will feel the difference too!

Senior Exercise Workout Videos: 3 Pack + Resistance Band

Senior exercise workout videos: 3 pack + resistance band. All exercises are demonstrated sitting and standing. Everything you need to begin your journey! Includes: Simply Seated, Vitality DVD, Strenght Training, Core, Cardio, Coordination DVD, Resistance Band.

Medium Fitness Band For Seniors+ Full Color Guide

Resistance Band for Seniors: Exercise band specifically created for seniors with medium resistance and longer length.  Perfect for exercise at home, stretching, physical therapy. Instruction guide included: full color, step by step resistance band exercise poster with 10 exercises specifically designed for beginners and seniors.