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:20 Refuel- 5 DVDs +3 Resistance Bands+ Fitness Band Poster

:20 Refuel- 5 DVDs, 3 fitness bands + resistance band poster + balance exercise manual. Just 20 minutes, 3 times per week, you will feel the difference too!

Best of Season 1- Top Senior Workouts from TV Show

Exercise for seniors DVD collection- 6 total body workouts + 10 balance workouts + resistance band. Easy to follow. Fun to do! You will love this senior exercise program! 6 amazing total body workouts targeting: strength, endurance, and balance.

Simply Seated, Energize Series Chair Exercise DVD for Seniors

Chair exercise DVD for seniors: Simply seated is an invigorating total-body chair workout. Warm-up, aerobic endurance, strengthening, stretching.  Exercises are done seated but are challenging and effective.

Balance & Strength Exercise DVDs for Seniors

Easy to follow workout to improve your balance and increase your strength. Includes Best of Balance DVD, Strength Training DVD + Resistance Band.

Ultimate Chair Exercise Package: Includes Resistance Band

This is the ultimate seated exercise package for seniors. It's perfect for anyone who enjoys exercising in a chair. This is the last senior exercise package you will ever need to buy.  It includes 100s of workout combinations.

Weight Loss Express Exercise DVD for Seniors

5 Fat Buring Workouts + Resistance band. This weight loss exercise program is specifically created for beginners and active seniors.  Low impact exercises, cardio movements, and aerobic exercises burn calories without any jumping, jarring, or floor exercises.