Curtis has been involved in fitness for over 20 years and has over 15 years’ experience educating, empowering, and encouraging active adults. Curtis will motivate and inspire an audience of any size. His passion and charisma shine through in his inspirational presentations that encourage audiences to reach beyond their comfort zones, to push through their limits, and to achieve their true potential. To some, true potential may be competing in a marathon at age 65; to others, it may mean walking up a flight of stairs or having the energy to chase after their grandchildren. Curtis Adams, founder of Vitality Enterprises, continues to motivate active adults across the country and provide them with the tools to make an immediate impact in their lives.

It all began ten years ago when a 75-year-old woman named Mary approached Curtis. Mary had taken exercise classes in the past but never felt like she made any progress. She asked Curtis to train her to help her regain her strength and balance. Curtis took on the challenge and his life was changed forever. He spent hours preparing workout programs that would give her the benefits she desired without putting added stress on her body. He modified exercises to fit her physical limitations. From that point, active adult fitness became his passion. The more involved he got with active adults the more he saw the need. He felt this generation has been overlooked.

Today, Curtis is touching the lives of active adults all over the country. They come from near and far to be inspired and educated on how to regain their confidence and overcome many of their fears to achieve the lifestyles they desire. Curtis has appeared at conferences, worked with state departments of aging, and retirement communities nationwide to make sure seniors get the opportunity to live life to the fullest.